Monogram teacups

Teacups ceramic transfer1Teacups ceramic transfer2Tea cup ceramic transfer3

COLLECT SOME VINTAGE TEACUPS and saucers  at flea-markets or secondhand stores. Mix and (mis)match! Add monogram letters with porcelain podge to personalize your teaparty however this is not meant to be food safe.You can use the saucers perfectly but the cups will be for decoration use.

You will need:

  • A laserprinter
  • Porcelain podge
  • Letter design
  • A brush
  • Scissors

Personally I don’t have a laserprinter so I had to bike to my local printstore.The monogram letters I found on the internet.

Print your letter designs in mirror image.Cut it out. Then use plenty of porcelain podge to brush on the printed side. Press firmly and remove any podge outside the image.Now let it dry thoroughly at least a couple of hours. Put it in cold water and gently rub the image off with the tip of your fingers. Let it dry completely and finally bake it 60 minutes in a 160 degrees oven.